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Life Plus Family Center is the faith based, non-profit organization, dedicated to provide therapy, assessment, psycho-education, and other services in order to support individuals, families, and church in crisis. Life Plus Family Center strives to work with people and church with individual cultural, mental, and spiritual needs, focusing on families and individuals in multicultural settings including immigrants and Asian Americans. We also accepts and serves without regarding to race, color, sex, religion, disability, martial status, national origin, or age.   

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Life Plus Family Center operates based on donations from individuals and organizations. If you wish to make donations, please refer to the procedure on our website at  However, fees may be charged for evaluation, educations, supervisions, counseling, and other services based on the needs. A fee schedule will be given to you if you ask. If you are interested in specific services, and wish to pay yourself, please talk to the staff at LPFC.

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Consumer Rights


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         You have the right to a treatment plan. You have the right to take part in the development and periodic review of this plan. You are entitled to review your treatment plan and to understand how to obtain a copy of it from your therapist or the Medical Records Department. You can request a copy of your medical records to your therapist, case manager, or administrative staffs in written or verbal form. LPFC ġȹ(treatment plan) ٸ û Ǹ ֽϴġȹ ۼ ϰ LPFC 鿡 纻 û ֽϴ.  


         You have the right to refuse treatment. You have the right to consent to treatment and may withdraw your consent at any time. You have the right to refuse treatment as described in the statute without threat or termination of services except as outlined in the statute. LPFC ġ/񽺸 ްų ź Ǹ ,  ̳ ׸ Ǹ ֽϴ.


         You have the right to treatment, including access to medical care and habilitation, regardless of age or degree of MH/IDD/SA disability. ̳ ֿο Ƿ ġḦ Ÿ ġḦ Ǹ ֽϴ.


         You have the right to confidentiality. Circumstances under which we may be required to share information with another about the services you receive include:

   If you give permission, we may share information with any person that you name.

   The court may order us to release your records.

   Our attorney may need to see your file because of legal proceedings.

   Request from the funding source, or an audit

   Additionally: Another facility or HIPAA Covered Entity may need to receive your files when your care is transferred.

   If you become imprisoned we may share your file with prison officials.

   In an emergency another professional who is treating you may receive your records.

   A physician or other professional who referred you to our facility may receive your files.

   If we believe that you are a danger to yourself or to others, or if we believe that you are likely to commit a crime, we may share information with law enforcement.

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         You have the right to make a complaint. If you are dissatisfied with a service delivered through Life Plus Family Center, you have the right to state a complaint or file a grievance at any time. Before stating a written complaint, we urge you to first discuss the matter with staff of the program providing the service and allow them an opportunity to help resolve it.  LPFC 񽺿 Ǹ Ǹ ֽϴ. ϰ ذå ã ֽϴ


Disability Rights NC

This statewide agency is designated under federal and state law to protect and advocate for the rights of persons who have disabilities. ָ е Ǹ ȣϱ Ͽ Ʒ α ֽϴ.


Disability Rights NC

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